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Saturday, December 11th, 2004
10:17 pm

Emmy(Take off your disguise) first connected 6 years, 8 days, 5 hours, 44 minutes, and 28 seconds ago.

Was it really 6 years ago?

current mood: hopeful

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Thursday, August 5th, 2004
12:21 pm

Woo promotion. I haven't been around in a while but oh well!


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Tuesday, October 7th, 2003
8:51 pm

I say let's all have a Moo Canada Eh? reunion! All connect at the same and go into one of our old rooms ad chat. it's been far too long since all of us were on. Just a thought.

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Friday, December 6th, 2002
10:47 pm

Eowyn(bring on the corruption) first connected 4 years, 2 days, 6 hours, 10 minutes, and 42 seconds ago.

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Sunday, October 27th, 2002
7:20 pm - What the...???

Message 1 on Chrissy (#4063):
Date: Sun Oct 27 17:18:27 2002 MST
From: Nickel_Guest (#416)
To: Chrissy (#4063)

Common mail commands: @next | @prev | @mail | @reply | @rn

Is this a joke? (* used to protect.. whatever the hell. :P)

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Thursday, August 22nd, 2002
6:19 pm

First, I would just like to say that rumors about my being toaded (in-MOO or in-real-life) have been greatly exaggerated. As have rumors about my departure from the MOO, as well as the ones about me hanging from the Rideau Street Bridge, the ones about my falling under the wheels of the O-Train, the ones about me getting swept into the Rapides Deschenes...and you get the idea. I've just been away from any proper Internet access for awhile.

Second, I would like to add that I'm doing okay, and thank you for worrying (it's kinda reassuring that someone is). I'm still upset, but I think I've managed to look past the emotional attachment to the position. I think the G4 had the right intentions in what they did, but totally fucked up on the method and especially the delivery. I could go into a long and drawn out rant, but I won't. The deed is done, so let's all just get along and work to build a better MOO now. That's all anyone wants to get done right now, so get to it, I say.

This isn't a power struggle, and it never was. Just a poorly-decided, poorly-executed decision that was made in an attempt to better the MOO.

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Sunday, August 18th, 2002
9:08 pm - MOO shtuff..

In case any of you missed message 1034 on *general (and various other 'you-might-want-to-take-a-look-at-this' type things, like Joani's article 'Hostile Take-Over of MOO Canada, Eh?' here) I'm making a quick update.

Message 1034 on *GeneralCollapse )

Also, (although rather unrelated and not quite as important as the aforementioned information) I, being rather hermit-y, do not keep tabs on all the members of the MOO who have LJs, so I'm hoping that any of you who know of a MOOer who has an LJ and isn't part of the moocanada community might bring it to their attention, in case they wish to join. Thanks.

And I'd like to say I had a good time at the picnic. It made me very happy to finally meet the people I've grown so close to in the past two years, as well as others who've shared a community that's been such a huge part of my life ever since I first connected. I've never met so many people who could give such great hugs in one place at a time!! (Any chance that the pictures will be up anytime soon?)

current mood: tired

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Friday, August 16th, 2002
1:23 pm - Moo picnic

The picnic is tomorrow!!! I've missed out on it the past two years. The first year, because I didn't really know anybody and decided not to go, the second year, because I was attending a wedding in Toronto. BUT, I'm coming this year, and it's been confirmed. Parental permission has been given. :)

I was supposed to meet Michelle, Cecil ('Bradley' will take some getting used to, let's stick with 'Cecil'. :P), and Dave today at Rideau, but sadly, Mom said I couldn't go. Pffffffft.

BUT, I did get to talk to 'Chelle and Dave on the phone. (Even though the connection was a little screwy.)

shabanoo has agreed to come, and with a little bit of persuasion, Tom agreed to come as well, but we're not sure if he's going to be dragged off to the cottage or not. :(

I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of you that I haven't seen in EONS (*cough*Megan, Ming, Norm*cough*), and those of you I haven't seen, ever [*cough*Cecil, Rappie (Claudee calls you that, is it okay if I do too?), Vel, Claudee (we STILL didn't manage to meet up before the picnic!!)*cough*]

For your information, I will be the short, preppy Chinese chick hanging out with any of the above, most likely wearing blue jeans and a white tank top with shoulder length hair and glasses. (In other words, the one who looks something like this)

An updated list of the MOOers signed up to attend the picnicCollapse )

Can't wait to see you guys there. Somebody bring a digital camera and take lots of pictures for those who won't be there!! (Vel? :))

current mood: excited

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Sunday, July 28th, 2002
12:08 am

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i am happy. really?

current mood: awake

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Monday, July 1st, 2002
6:48 pm


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Wednesday, June 26th, 2002
8:20 pm - Random Convo on Moo

***Note:This mentions Chrissy's bras, and if you don't want to read it, you've been warned, :P***

*Yolanda* moved to Shabanoozbekistan.
You wave.
You wrap your arms around yourself, squeeze tightly, and sigh.
Chrissy?! gives *Yolanda* a great big hug.
Chrissy?! laughs.
Shabanoo [to Chrissy?!]: hee . . . your cheerfulness is almost contagious
You say, "shit."
You laugh.
You give Chrissy?! a REALLY REALLY HUGE hug.
You are rolling on the floor laughing.
*Yolanda* feels really stupid because after it said that I hugged myself it looked like I was like, sexually attracted to myself, :)
Chrissy?! laughs.
You noddle enthusiastically at Shabanoo.
Shabanoo [to *Yolanda*]: . . . and the problem with that is?
You grin.
Shabanoo says, "one sec"
You giggle.
Chrissy?! pokes you.
*Yolanda* feels a poke ish feeling. woo.
You smile.
Chrissy?! grins.
Chrissy?! asks, "okay, you know what sucks?"
You ask, "Um, vaccumms?"
Chrissy?! laughs.
Chrissy?! says, "yes, but in this case, you should say "what?""
You giggle.
*Yolanda* . o O ( What? )
Chrissy?! says, "when your favourite bra is one of those ones with the air pocket insert thingys and you'd rather wear your bra WITHOUT the inserts so you don't want them, but other bras don't fit as well."
You noddle enthusiastically.
Chrissy?! says, "meaning they're MORE EXPENSIVE despite the fact that I don't use the extra "air pockets" to make my boobs bigger. :P"
You exclaim, "Yes it does!"
Chrissy?! says, "I mean, yeah, I'm sure I could use the extra "air pockets" but they're kinda weird."
Chrissy?! says, "OH, now i remember what they're called! the "air lifts". hahaha :P"
You grin.
Chrissy?! says, "that's funny, what if you had those for bikinis"
think air lifts, muah.
*Yolanda* . o O ( air lifts, muah. )
Chrissy?! says, "and you like.. wentin the water and you started floating. HAHA"
You laugh at Chrissy?!'s funny.
Chrissy?! exclaims, "that'd be the greatest!!"
You noddle enthusiastically.
You giggle.
Chrissy?! exclaims, "who needs life jackets? We girls have air lifts!"
You smile.
You exclaim, "Thats great!"
*It was funny at the time, ok?!

current mood: hyper

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10:23 am - Sounds kinky...

Claudia just sees her good memories as little golden halos or golden balls, hovering around things.
Claudia . o O ( So I can reach out and grab them when I need them. )
You giggle.
Claudia . o O ( Sort of little a bunch of glowy Snitches... )
Claudia grins.
You say, "sounds kinky. ;)"
Claudia rolls her eyes.
You grin.
Chrissy?! hides behind Cecil.
Claudia [to Chrissy?!]: I think you're taking after me a little TOO much. ^_^

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Tuesday, June 25th, 2002
7:41 am - Server power outage

Server is shutting down for about 12 hours as they replace some temporary electrical equipment in our building with permanent ones.

Hopefully we'll be back before 8pm MST (10pm EST) but we'll see.

If anyone needs me for some reason, comment on here, I'll be watching.

current mood: irritated

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Monday, June 24th, 2002
6:25 pm - Interesting.

On MOO today, Max asked my opinion of who I feel some of the more esteemed players are. In the words of Max, "I don't mean in an $esteem_utils way, but rather in terms of who people look up to."

I hope my suggestion holds merit. I'd like to see the person I mentioned (and described in great detail) recognized.

Apparently the Wizzen are feeling alienated from the general MOO population. The gap between players and administrators is something I've noticed for a long time, but never really brought up. The Wizzen work day jobs, have the knowledge and skills to keep the MOO running, have the maturity (sometimes) to handle issues. The players are there to code fun & silly little things and socialize. The players, from what I've seen, have a definite lack of maturity. There are too many of them who feel it's their right to have things handed to them on a silver platter, to have rampant free access to core parts of the MOO, etc. I don't think that the MOO is about a welcoming community for learning about computers and code anymore. (Now, my opinions are all heavily biased, mostly because I'm an old user who rarely leaves her room and likes being a hermit. To be blunt, I DON'T GET OUT MUCH. But this is what /I/ see.) The player base is dwindling. The Wizzen are like old cronies, running the place but never really connecting with the players; the players are wild and immature, egoistic and demanding, rather contemptuous of the parent-like Wizzen. But the MOO would collapse if the players tried to run it. (Wow. It's like history in a box!)

I wonder how things will turn out, and I think it'll be interesting (though possibly upsetting) to see how things unfold. I hope that efforts succeed, and that eventually the cycle of players turns full-circle again, such that we come back to having fun, learning, and still some maturity. And more players.

We'll see.

At the very least, I encourage people to get involved. Go @mail Max with the player(s) on MOO you look up to most, and why.

current mood: thoughtful

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Tuesday, June 18th, 2002
10:31 pm - Norm should find this amusing...

Tuvok says, "Oh shit......."
KhAoS [AFK] [to Tuvok]: uh?
Tuvok [to KhAoS [AFK]]: Dude.. its happening... a semi-intelligent discussion happening on MOO... without any your mother jokes...

current mood: apathetic

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10:21 pm - Attack of the VV people

Forget the clones, it's attack of the VV vols!

Cecil #7407 ?!*C.0~n^f'u*5.1~0^n*?! -= CLOS #3057
KhAoS [AFK] #5288 ?!*C.0~n^f'u*5.1~0^n*?! -= CLOS #3057
Syren #8625 ?!*C.0~n^f'u*5.1~0^n*?! -= CLOS #3057
Avocado #2195 ?!*C.0~n^f'u*5.1~0^n*?! -= CLOS #3057
Claudia #9231 ?!*C.0~n^f'u*5.1~0^n*?! -= CLOS #3057
Tuvok #7071 ?!*C.0~n^f'u*5.1~0^n*?! -= CLOS #3057
Heero #5449 ?!*C.0~n^f'u*5.1~0^n*?! -= CLOS #3057
Chrissy?! #4063 ?!*C.0~n^f'u*5.1~0^n*?! -= CLOS #3057

And Hannah, but she's invis. :P

current mood: amused

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Sunday, June 16th, 2002
10:14 pm - MOO PICNIC


Message 980 on *General (#6100):
Date: Thu Jun 13 18:29:56 2002 MDT
From: Cecil (#7407)
To: *General (#6100)
Subject: $picnic

The MOO picnic for 2002 is August 17th, a pretty Saturday. You may now `sign $picnic` to indicate that you will be coming. It will be grand fun, so please attend!

Eminem will be performing at the picnic for two hours this year, and Dax will be giving away a wonderful door prize: My brand new 2002 Nissan Sentra GXE! Usually onaly about 50 people attend, so your odds are pretty good! Unless more people attend, because of this.

Wizzen who authored this message (Cecil) are excluded from the drawing. Dax is also, since he is doing the drawing. Odo is also, because he is a rice krispie. manta may not enter, because he has a WRX. whiz may not enter, because manta's shirt is too shiny. Lao-Tzu may be enter as many times as he'd like.

The 21 people attending, so farCollapse )

Those of you who can go, HAVE TO GO. Why? Because I'm going this year. That's all that's important. ;)

Just kidding. Here's a better answer, I really want to meet those of you that I havn't met before, and I really want to see some of you that I rarely get to hang out with much (*cough*NORM!*cough*), and it would be nice to hang out with you guys all at once.

Right. So go sign up! Hope to see you there.

For more info, go here

current mood: excited

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Friday, June 7th, 2002
7:23 am

Chrissy?! [to Shabanoo]: yes. Then my mother yells at me for locking the door.
You ask, ""Why are you locking the door, what if there's an emergency??" Yes, at 15 years, I still can't find my way around the bathroom. How do I brush my teeth again?"
Shabanoo [to Chrissy?!]: hey, don't joke about that -- i take lessons
You grin at Shabanoo.
Shabanoo [to Chrissy?!]: hee . . . my teacher says i'm a natural . . .

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Saturday, May 4th, 2002
2:17 pm - Gay sex, and N'Sync...

Kyane accidently read a story with gay sex.
BlitzBoy (Jeremy Delryn) says, "Ewww"
Kyane shudders.
You raise an eyebrow.
You ask, "..so?"
Kyane says, "In explicit detail, mind... Featuring one of N'Sync. It was..."
Kyane shudders.
BlitzBoy (Jeremy Delryn) says, "Thats quite nasty,"
Kyane says, "Really disturbing..."
You say, "If you're disgusted with the gay sex part, I think it's safe to assume gay people have sex, might as well get over it. If you're disgusted with the N'Sync part, I quite understand. Eww. ;)"
Kyane laughs.
BlitzBoy (Jeremy Delryn) laughs.

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10:58 am - *giggle*

Claudia #9231
Dee's Feature #2931


current mood: amused

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