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On MOO today, Max asked my opinion of who I feel some of the more esteemed players are. In the words of Max, "I don't mean in an $esteem_utils way, but rather in terms of who people look up to."

I hope my suggestion holds merit. I'd like to see the person I mentioned (and described in great detail) recognized.

Apparently the Wizzen are feeling alienated from the general MOO population. The gap between players and administrators is something I've noticed for a long time, but never really brought up. The Wizzen work day jobs, have the knowledge and skills to keep the MOO running, have the maturity (sometimes) to handle issues. The players are there to code fun & silly little things and socialize. The players, from what I've seen, have a definite lack of maturity. There are too many of them who feel it's their right to have things handed to them on a silver platter, to have rampant free access to core parts of the MOO, etc. I don't think that the MOO is about a welcoming community for learning about computers and code anymore. (Now, my opinions are all heavily biased, mostly because I'm an old user who rarely leaves her room and likes being a hermit. To be blunt, I DON'T GET OUT MUCH. But this is what /I/ see.) The player base is dwindling. The Wizzen are like old cronies, running the place but never really connecting with the players; the players are wild and immature, egoistic and demanding, rather contemptuous of the parent-like Wizzen. But the MOO would collapse if the players tried to run it. (Wow. It's like history in a box!)

I wonder how things will turn out, and I think it'll be interesting (though possibly upsetting) to see how things unfold. I hope that efforts succeed, and that eventually the cycle of players turns full-circle again, such that we come back to having fun, learning, and still some maturity. And more players.

We'll see.

At the very least, I encourage people to get involved. Go @mail Max with the player(s) on MOO you look up to most, and why.
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