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Random Convo on Moo

***Note:This mentions Chrissy's bras, and if you don't want to read it, you've been warned, :P***

*Yolanda* moved to Shabanoozbekistan.
You wave.
You wrap your arms around yourself, squeeze tightly, and sigh.
Chrissy?! gives *Yolanda* a great big hug.
Chrissy?! laughs.
Shabanoo [to Chrissy?!]: hee . . . your cheerfulness is almost contagious
You say, "shit."
You laugh.
You give Chrissy?! a REALLY REALLY HUGE hug.
You are rolling on the floor laughing.
*Yolanda* feels really stupid because after it said that I hugged myself it looked like I was like, sexually attracted to myself, :)
Chrissy?! laughs.
You noddle enthusiastically at Shabanoo.
Shabanoo [to *Yolanda*]: . . . and the problem with that is?
You grin.
Shabanoo says, "one sec"
You giggle.
Chrissy?! pokes you.
*Yolanda* feels a poke ish feeling. woo.
You smile.
Chrissy?! grins.
Chrissy?! asks, "okay, you know what sucks?"
You ask, "Um, vaccumms?"
Chrissy?! laughs.
Chrissy?! says, "yes, but in this case, you should say "what?""
You giggle.
*Yolanda* . o O ( What? )
Chrissy?! says, "when your favourite bra is one of those ones with the air pocket insert thingys and you'd rather wear your bra WITHOUT the inserts so you don't want them, but other bras don't fit as well."
You noddle enthusiastically.
Chrissy?! says, "meaning they're MORE EXPENSIVE despite the fact that I don't use the extra "air pockets" to make my boobs bigger. :P"
You exclaim, "Yes it does!"
Chrissy?! says, "I mean, yeah, I'm sure I could use the extra "air pockets" but they're kinda weird."
Chrissy?! says, "OH, now i remember what they're called! the "air lifts". hahaha :P"
You grin.
Chrissy?! says, "that's funny, what if you had those for bikinis"
think air lifts, muah.
*Yolanda* . o O ( air lifts, muah. )
Chrissy?! says, "and you like.. wentin the water and you started floating. HAHA"
You laugh at Chrissy?!'s funny.
Chrissy?! exclaims, "that'd be the greatest!!"
You noddle enthusiastically.
You giggle.
Chrissy?! exclaims, "who needs life jackets? We girls have air lifts!"
You smile.
You exclaim, "Thats great!"
*It was funny at the time, ok?!
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