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MOO shtuff..

In case any of you missed message 1034 on *general (and various other 'you-might-want-to-take-a-look-at-this' type things, like Joani's article 'Hostile Take-Over of MOO Canada, Eh?' here) I'm making a quick update.

"Message 1034 on *General (#6100):
Date: Sun Aug 18 06:33:39 2002 MDT
From: Lao-Tzu (#8084)
To: *General (#6100)

As most people have already noticed, there have been changes to the @wizards list. Quadir and Claudia have been shuffled to the rank of guardian, and whiz, manta, and Raptor have been dewizarded. Due to the technical problems caused by dewizarding people, there are tracebacks flying all over the MOO which have not yet been fixed. The wizzen spent most of yesterday in our post-picnic meeting announcing these changes to the staff and then proceeding with our long agenda, but we will begin to repair damage to the MOO today.

The remaining wizards believe and hope that this action will help solve administrative difficulties which have been encountered recently in the MOO.

Everyone here will be working hard the next few weeks to implement and develop ideas which were discussed in our meeting yesterday. As I understand it, there is a typed up list of these things available at for anyone who is interested. Most of the technical side of these things will start appearing shortly, and social changes which have been discussed will continue to be discussed."

Also, (although rather unrelated and not quite as important as the aforementioned information) I, being rather hermit-y, do not keep tabs on all the members of the MOO who have LJs, so I'm hoping that any of you who know of a MOOer who has an LJ and isn't part of the moocanada community might bring it to their attention, in case they wish to join. Thanks.

And I'd like to say I had a good time at the picnic. It made me very happy to finally meet the people I've grown so close to in the past two years, as well as others who've shared a community that's been such a huge part of my life ever since I first connected. I've never met so many people who could give such great hugs in one place at a time!! (Any chance that the pictures will be up anytime soon?)
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