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Moo Canada
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A community for the MOOers on LJ!

About the Moo
"A Moo is an online virtual world where people can chat with others, and build and program objects. 'Moo Canada, eh?' is the largest and best Moo in Canada. Want to find out more?"

Want to Join Us?
"Create your own character instantly."

Who's on the Moo now?

The MCEh? LJ is a place to post all that MOO stuff that people reading your regular journal just don't seem to get. Feel free to post funny conversations, Shaneyisms, etc. And play nice, guys. :P

If you wish to be added to this community, you have three options:

1. E-mail Chrissy at chrissy@moo.ca with the name of your MOO character and your username on LiveJournal.

2. Leave a comment in buttaflii's journal with the name of your MOO character.

3. MOO mail Chrissy with your username on LiveJournal.

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